Tan Son Nhat Hotel (5 stars) - VIFA EXPO 2024's Official Hotel

The hotel is situated at 202 Hoang Van Thu, Phu Nhuan District, an ideal location near Tan Son Nhat Airport and along the main road leading to the city center. As the only hotel with a helipad on the top floor, it meets the transportation needs and ensures privacy for important guests, especially high-profile businessmen. When staying at the hotel, guests will experience a luxurious and refined atmosphere, coupled with professional and sophisticated service, reflecting a high level of excellence.

Enjoy exclusive offers from Tan Son Nhat Hotel for Exhibitors and Visitors of VIFA EXPO 2024:

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As one of the leading furniture trade show in Southeast Asia, VIFA EXPO 2024 will be held from 26 โ€“ 29 February, 2024 at SKY EXPO Center, QTSC, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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