VIFA EXPO - 4 months to go

In just four months, VIFA EXPO 2024 will officially take place. Let’s explore some key facts about VIFA EXPO, maybe you don’t know:

 📍 VIFA EXPO stands as Vietnam’s leading international furniture trade show, with a history of 16 years and 14 successful editions.

 📍 VIFA EXPO 2024 marks the opening of the largest series of furniture exhibitions in Asia, facilitating international buyers in scheduling their visits. It is also one of the most prestigious Asia’s furniture shows in 2024.

📍  The actual number of visitors has witnessed remarkable growth over the 14 editions, with 18,180 visitors in the 2023 fair, solidifying the event’s international reputation.

📍 VIFA EXPO has been extensively featured in well-known furniture magazines worldwide, such as Furniture Today, Furniture World, World Furniture, Furniture News, Interiors Monthly, The Home Living, SEAB, Moebel Markt …

📍 Many enterprises have been consistently participating in VIFA EXPO since the 1st edition in 2008, some enterprises have been showcasing their products in all 14 editions of VIFA EXPO.

📍 The typical exhibitors at VIFA EXPO 2024: Leeho, Eurofar, Lyprodan, Koda Saigon, Hiep Long Furniture, Global Home, Mega Home, 2-Connect, Santang Furniture, United Potteries Saigon …

The 15th VIFA EXPO will be held on completely New Dates at New Venue, from 26 – 29 February, 2024 at SKY EXPO VIETNAM Center, District 12, HCMC.

VIFA EXPO expected to gather 600+ Exhibitors, with 2,000+ booths on the total area of 36,000+ sqm.